7 Basic Categories To Build Your International Buyer Personas

The important thing to remember about personas. Personas is a detail list of answered information that goes beyond the traditional demographics (sex, age, occupation, etc), geographic segmentation (location by city, state, and country), and psychographics (personality, values, attitudes, interest, and lifestyles, etc). Personas focus a lot on the motives behind behaviors. What this means is[…]

Yandex International SEO Guidelines & Webmaster Tools

Here you can find the official SEO related guidelines of Yandex   Search optimization Guide Tips for Webmasters Yandex Webmaster Tool Crawlers Does Yandex Use Yandex.com Keyword Research tool (by location) Using Robots.txt with Yandex How Yandex uses Schema.org International SEO Localized Page Markup Regionality Mobile SEO Mobile Websites     UPDATE:  Yandex announced on their Russian[…]

International Google Search Engines

In North America, our choice of search engine is mostly Google with the exception of people who also use Bing and Yahoo what also bring their own amount of searches. We also have smaller search engines like DuckDuckGo, but Google has long held a big share of the majority of global markets. If your business[…]

International SEO: Language and Geo-regional URLs

Using language annotations URLS

Imagine you have an English language page hosted at http://www.example.com/, with a Spanish alternative at http://es.example.com/. You can indicate to Google that the Spanish URL is the Spanish-language equivalent of the English page in one of three ways: […]

International SEO: Language Targeting Tags Explained

Language If you are targeting a country with a language other than English, for example,Spanish, you need to decide if you want to target it based on language (which will cover Spain, Latin America and Latin Americans living in the USA), or you specifically want to target Spain, for example. Recommended: Use native speakers from that[…]


International Digital Marketers charting new terrain for the Global marketer who is now more than ever involved in providing their SMB clients International SEO and Global Digital Marketing services in order to open international market opportunities for long-term growth for their clients’ products and services–something that years ago was only possible for big corporations. But[…]

International SEO Buidu Search Engine Guide [Infographic]

With 65% market share, Baidu  is the most used search engine in China. Behind Baidu, there are two other engines “Haosou” with 16% market share and Sogou with 11% market share. Google is relegated to the fifth position in the list of most popular search engines in China, with less than 2% of market share.Baidu ranks 5th[…]