International Digital Marketers charting new terrain for the Global marketer who is now more than ever involved in providing their SMB clients International SEO and Global Digital Marketing services in order to open international market opportunities for long-term growth for their clients’ products and services–something that years ago was only possible for big corporations.

But in order to be a professional Global Marketer or International Digital Marketer (IDM), and offer International SEO services, you need to understand the major search engines that dominate two big markets in where google does not dominate 100%; that is China and Russia.

This article explores the top five search engines in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, in order to undaunted the market and  gain an insight in Google’s competitor in that part of the world like which by the way is written яндекс and will re-direct you to


Before we dig deep into this, let’s first explain a few key concepts

What is CIS Countries?

The Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) formed when the former Soviet Union (now called Russia) totally dissolved in 1991. It consists of nine former Soviet Republics: Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan. Ukraine is an associate member of CIS, and this is why is covered in this article.

What is Runet?

Runet is a word composed of two words Russia and Net (network) Run-Net, which serves to describe the network of search engines, directories and internet services providers like apps, email and the like that composes the Russian Network. In simple words, Runet means Russian Network of internet services, search engines, and directories– Yandex is part of Runet.

In the United Estates, we are used to having the internet in our homes and when we need to find something we use and to communicate we use email from google (Gmail), or yahoo mail, etc.  This should be called USNet (but we don’t). Since we don’t use that term to describe our internet, it can get confusing for us when we hear Runet or Aunet. For example, Russia and Ukraine do not  have the one guy rules it all (like in USA Google) because of anti-monopoly local laws, hence there are many small search engines and directories (just as it used to be the USA back in the day). For this reason, it was named the NET of Russia, RUNET–Yandex Search Engine is part of Runet

Even though is the Google of Russia per se, it only composes part of the network (Runet) of services in those regions.


What is Uanet?

Ukrenian Network of services, just as runet.

The Russian Agency UAWEB conducted an analysis of the search engine market. In the world, there are only three national search system that could compete with the giant Google. One of these is a search engine called Yandex. Yandex and Google are leading the search sector of the CIS countries.



In accordance with statistical data for June 2015, the Russian part of the World Network of 57.51% to the site was carried out with the search engine Yandex, 34.76% to 6.47% and Google with Search engines Bing and Rambler owns 0.65% and 0.61% of traffic, respectively.
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In this Rambler it is not an independent search engine Yandex and uses technology. The company has long used Google technology, but in 2013 start to process requests using its own search engine. Accordingly, in the Russian market operates three major players: Yandex (with by Rambler), Google etc.



Currently, in the Ukrainian market there are serious changes. Thus, the search engine Google, which has long been the most popular search engine Uanet, continues to steadily win new positions. But Yandex rating system, which began to fall more than a year ago, continues its decline. At the moment, there is no reason to assume that the popularity of the search engine will begin to increase.

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Google search preference for 65.66% of the users and Yandex – 32.91%. The share of the other search engines on the Ukrainian market is negligible. So, MSN uses 0.67% of users, Yahoo – 0,23% and AskJeeves – 0,22%. Finder Meta-Ukraine scored 0.1%.


The Republic of Belarus for a long time remained the only country in the world where Google and Yandex have the same share in the local market. This was the case in 2014, when the company owned a market share of 42% each. Behind them followed the search engine with 10%.

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In 2015, the situation has changed somewhat. In first place was the Google search engine, which is now preferred by 49.5% of the visitors. Yandex share dropped to 40.1%, and – to 6.5%. National search engine located on the fourth place ranking with 2.8%. Bing Closes the top five, which got 0.6% of the market.



Among the main features of the Kazakhstan segment of the World Wide Web it includes the fact the market the country’s leading search engine Google with confidence. He is far ahead of the leader of the Russian-speaking part of the Internet – a system Yandex. Thus, the share of American companies is 61.0%, and its Russian competitor – 24.2%. Third place in the ranking went to the search engine, his preference for 13.8% of users. Systems Bing and Yahoo owns a small share of the market – 0.6% and 0.1% respectively.

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Thus, the absolute leaders in four major CIS countries are the search engines Google, Yandex,, Bing, Yahoo and Rambler.

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Credits: Special thanks to Anton AVP for providing us with direction and translation

Source: The data collected on LiveInternet resources, SeoRate, Ratings and

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