Global Expansion with Google Global Adviser

There is a fantastic Google Adviser resource that I think is often overlooked. This tool helps startups and entrepreneurs to find new global markets.

Google provides a great tool called Global Market Finder.

With Google Global Market Finder, you can find audiences around the world who are likely to be interested in your products, services, or business.

Simply enter keywords that describe your product or service, then select a region. You can choose specific markets or the entire world.

Global Market Finder uses data from Internet searches around the world to show the number of times people search for your keywords in up to 56 languages. Combined with AdWords, Global Market Finder also provides estimates for bids, and competition for each of your keywords by market and language.

With the information from Global Market Finder, you can review the estimated cost of acquiring a new customer to determine whether targeting a particular market is a good investment.

So here is a Q&A about Global Market Finder:

  1. What is Global Market Finder?
  2. How does Global Market Finder differ from Keyword Tool in AdWords?
  3. How does Global Market Finder determine Opportunity Score?
  4. What are global markets?
  5. Why don’t I see some locations in my market opportunity results?
  6. Can I export the translated keywords provided by Global Market Finder directly into my AdWords account?
  7. Into what languages does Global Market Finder translate?
  8. How does Global Market Finder group keywords in each location?
  9. Why can’t I find information for keywords that I entered?
  10. Why can’t I find a particular location in my results?
  11. Why are there no locations in my results?
  12. What browsers does Global Market Finder Support?
  13. How do I learn more about global advertising?

Here is a video demonstration of how Global Market Finder works:


So go ahead and try out the Global Market finder international SEO tool

— TESTIMONIALS: The Dramatic Impact of Technology on Global Expansion —

The easy part was launching this business online…the difficult part was manufacturing globally … On the customer side, we have customers in all 50 states and in 40 countries. The interesting thing is we haven’t done a thing to market globally, and have let people self-select into our brand.

Pranav Vora, Founder and CEO, Hugh & Crye

Fifty years ago not many startups would have built in international activities into their business plans. The great promise of the Internet is that it democratizes global markets.

Jake Colvin, Executive Director, Global Innovation Forum

You can’t be a tech startup these days and not think about a global strategy. Even if you try, you won’t be able to ignore it for long – there are very few boundaries, so you can wait for them to come to you, or start thinking about it as early as possible.

Jen Consalvo, COO, Tech Cocktail

We never imagined and never set out to be a global startup, but then we started to find all of these tools … from BigCommerce to QuickBooks to UPS Mail Innovations. Within a year, we were exporting to around 40 countries.

Kavita Shukla, Founder and CEO, Fenugreen

I think most of the startups and small businesses that grow, they may start with one market … and they usually stay pretty small because it’s tough to develop those relationships, but luckily as we’ve heard from the other panelists, that’s not the case with the Internet-based model.

Usman Ahmed, Policy Council, eBay Inc.

If you are exporting to one country, you should be exporting to 10 … We are starting to see some momentum. Obviously, the technology is there to enable this and that smaller [companies] are able to make connections with business partners around the world.

Lindsey Grossman, Senior Manager, Global Public Policy, Intuit

– Success Global Expansion Video Stories –

Thousands of businesses have gone global with Google. Watch the videos to hear their stories and get inspired.

Businesses gone global with Google

Businesses from all over the world use Google AdWords to expand in new markets. Listen to their experience on how they managed to grow their business and become global!

Watch a video
Purely Gadgets

Purely Gadgets

PurelyGadgets MD Alan Lim describes how seizing the opportunity to start exporting proved key to the electronic distibutor’s survival in the downturn.

Arena Flowers

Faced with fierce domestic competition and a weak pound, web-based florist used Google AdWords campaigns to expand to Germany and Holland.

Mosaic Marble

Husband-and-wife entrepreneurs describe how they use Google AdWords to reach customers in 8 languages worldwide.


Marketing executive Saar Bitner explains how Google AdWords helped SysAid grow and reach 6 million end users in over 100 countries.


UK-based footwear retailer Cloggs describe how they launched a French language website with the help of Google AdWords.

1791 Diamonds

New Zealand-based retailer 1791 Diamonds explains how they work with Google to sell engagement rings worldwide.


Webnode created a simple platform to help users create their own websites. Based in a country of 6 million users, they knew that they needed to grow their international user base. They partnered with Google and grew globally from 200 thousand users to 15 million users in just 5 years.

So as you can see, with a bit or research and technology ecosystem now available to us any startup or small business can achieve global expansion.

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